We believe that God's Word clearly sets forth how He is to be worshiped. The reading and teaching of the Word of God are the central focal points of our worship. Our musical praise employs God's Word only, thus making use of the divinely inspired Book of Psalms of the Bible. In keeping with the New Testament Church's instruction for worship, we sing without musical instruments. Never heard it before? Here is a sample of this style of worship:

What to Expect at Immanuel

Come dressed with what you have! If you have a suit and tie, fine! If it is jeans and a tee, that's fine too! We take very seriously what God's Word says about appearances and favoritism when he warns against making physical appearances or wealth the criteria for how people are treated. (James 2:1-9) we are all on level ground in the worship of god and the fellowship of his people.

Sample Order of Worship

Click here to download the full order of worship as a PDF file.

Sample Worship Order

Lord's Day Schedule

11:00am Morning Worship
12:15pm Lunch (2nd and 4th Sundays - please stay even if you can't bring food!)